#read_write_halloween17 . Bookish challenge for october.

Quotes_Creator_20170926_143924.pngSo, its been a while but I decided to host another bookish challenge on Instagram because the last one was so much fun and October is one of my favourite months.

I’m hosting it alone this time because my parabatai Kit is having a hard time lately, but she might pop up from time to time and pick a fave post for me.

Anyway, the challenge will still contain a few of my recurring hashtags, I feel these offer rest days, where the commitment isn’t quite so high and, as always, it’s just for fun and there’s absolutely no obligation or expectation to post every single day.

See below for a full, in depth, list of the daily prompts. I hope they inspire your Autumnal posts.

1st) #TBR #socksunday What do you plan to read in October? Photograph it with socks.

2nd) Photograph merch, costumes, props, books — anything — related to aΒ  fictional world you wouldn’t want to wake up in.

3rd) #greenbooks Frankenstien, slime, snot…photograph all of your green books. (Bonus for green props)

4th) #wickedwednesday is back! My favourite day of the week. You all embraced the hashtag last time and it made me so happy. This one is to pick a character that terrifies you. I’m excited to see who you all choose.

5th) Books about zombies. I’m intrigued here because I’ve never ever read anything about zombies. They must be out there, introduce them to me.

6th) #freakyfriday A gory book. (Bonus for the goriest cover.)

7th) Trick ‘o’ Treat give me something good to eat. I’m English and we say:

The sky is blue,

the grass is green.

Have you got a penny for Halloween?

If not a penny,

an apany (unsure of this word πŸ˜‰) will do.

If not a penny,

God bless you!

But, as Halloween seems to grow commercially over here, it won’t be long before we’re all trick ‘o’ treating. Anyway, books and sweets. (You know what to do). I’d say try not to eat too many while taking shots, but I’d be a hypocrite; eat until your waist band feels tight and you feel sick. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

8th) Perfect timing to recover from overeating #socksunday

9th) Who ya gonna call? Pick a fictional crew you’d call up to help you fight the paranormal. Have fun with this one. Mix genres, don’t stick with literary…Bonus if you include Sam or Dean Winchester. 😍

10th) #blackbooks is this the most popular book colour? 2/3 of my bookcase is black.

11th) #wickedwednesday again! Characters that you’d dress up as to scare the kids. You dont have to dress up for this one as we’re saving that for later, but show me characters that scared you as a kid. (Ones with iconic costumes get special attention 😊)

12th) Books about witches and wizards. Be different here and stay away from Harry Potter. (Nothing against it; it’s my fave too, but I want to see new magic infused stories.)

13th) #freakyfriday #fridaythirteenth Tell me about the scariest dream scene from a book you’ve read. We’ve all read them. Ones where we begin to sweat. Where our hearts race. Where we’re begging it not to be true, only to have the character wake up and we’re left feeling betrayed. 😊

14th) Books and hot beverages. Nothing better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a book, is there? Capture it.

15th) #socksunday

16th) 666 Photograph either page 6, chapter 6 or line 6 — or all if you’d like — of a book.

17th) #orangebooks if there is any. I dont have any. If not, mustard yellow or anything similar will do.

18th) #wickedwednesday Which antagonist reflects you? Your inner evil, let it shine. No one will judge (unless it’s like Dolores Umbridge then you just need special help). πŸ˜ƒ

19th) Ghost stories (spookiest looking covers please).

20th) #freakyfriday What’s the scariest book you ever read?

21st) Books and Autumn foliage. Get outside and take some pictures. Autumn is super beautiful. If it isn’t Autumn where you are in the world, show us your season instead.

22nd) #socksunday you got this.

23rd) Think of a fictional dwelling you wouldn’t want to live in. A hobbit hole? A drafty castle? A prison? Tell me your worst.

24th) #redbooks

25th) #wickedwednesday author appreciation who’s your favourite writer of horror stories?

26th) Books about Vamps and/or wares try and stay away from Twilight if you can, again, I wanna see new.

27th) #freakyfriday Which fictional character would you wanna switch bodies/places with?

28th) Books and pumpkins. I’m presuming you’ll have started the carving/decorating process by now and I’m dying to see them.

29th) #spookysocksunday #socksunday

30th) October highlights. Gush over someone else’s account or your own if you’re particularly proud of a post this month, BE PROUD! Show us!

31st) #Happyhalloween #cosplay Show me your Halloween costumes. Have a great night.

Like always, I’ll chose my favourite posts for daily story shoutouts. Remember it’s for fun. Any questions DM me on insta and I’ll get back to you. Come join in. #read_write_halloween17


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