Which element are you?

In my novel, Element, which is book one of, ‘The Descendants of Eden’ series, my characters descend from the first family-the children of Adam and Eve-and they possess extraordinary gifts that stem from undiluted blood linage.

Just for fun I’ve created a little quiz so you can determine which element you are most likely to be able to manipulate, who you descended from and what gift you’d likely possess, if you were a Descendant of Eden.

Give it a try here and leave a comment to let me know what you got.

My results were:


Congratulations! Your element is water. It is likely that you are drawn to the water and love nothing more than spending a day staring out at a vast lake or the swaying sea.

It is likely that you’re a dreamer and your night time and day time dreams are extremely vivid. You’re quiet and caring and extraordinarily empathetic towards others.  You make friends easily and always go above and beyond for others.

You enjoy being outdoors and it is likely that your favourite season is winter.

You’ll find fulfilment is anything that allows you to dream. Writer, painter, designer and anything to do with children.

It’s likely that you descend from one of Adam and Eve’s first daughters – The Seven Sisters.


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