Descendants by Rae Else

Happy book birthday to, Rae Else. Her fantastic debut novel, Descendants is out today and available here.

I had the privilege of reading it prior to its release and here is what I thought of it:

I really enjoyed this story. The author, Rae Else, has done a wonderful job of weaving mythology with contemporary and as a result, she’s created an amazing and exhilarating world that I want to live in.

El, the teenage protagonist, is a highly relatable character who I empathised with throughout. She is estranged from her mother. She lives with her overprotective grandmother and she can compel someone with her eyes. Struggling to cope with the weight of her magical gifts and the devastating impact they can potentially have, she is thrust into the world of the Arete and being pursued by a dark force they refer to as ‘The order.’ As the story evolves, so does El’s powers. The ancestry she’s been sheltered from unravels with very interesting consequences. The story moves forward in a fast-paced, thrilling way. And it kept me engaged and eager consistently.

This story has everything you’d expect from a young-adult, urban fantasy story. It has well-built characters with a mythological ancestry. Magical powers. Dalliances between light and dark. Impending threats. Teenage love angst and secrets. I love secrets. Especially secrets that I get to discover at the same pace as the protagonist. What more could you want?

I highly recommend ‘Descendants’ to everyone and I am looking forward to more from Rae Else.

xxx Pheebs.



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