Free copy of my book anyone?

The Descendants of Eden – Element is a young adult, fantasy romance featuring a telekinetic protagonist and her struggles to fit into our modern society. In short, it’s a coming of age story focusing on the real drama teens face in relationships, friendships, emotions, grief and trust, entwined in a fictional world of fantasy.

Description Element cover by Pheobe Pach final .png

Ever wondered why Wi-Fi signals suddenly drop?
Why power suddenly evaporates? Or your TV flickers?
 What about time? Have you ever had that feeling that time has passed by way too quickly? Or that it’s dragging on more than usual?
Maybe you’ve had that creeping, Deja-vu feeling ticking over your spine?
That’s The Descendants–a stronger, quicker and more aware kind of human being who possess superpowers like telekinesis or empathy.
They rid the earth of demonic forces, whilst keeping their community a secret from government officials. But, The Descendants are at the brink of extinction.
Lucy James, a depressed teenage girl with vast telekinetic abilities, is a sign of hope.
She could also be their destruction.


Click here to get your copy now.




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