This is me.

This is me. I’m Pheobe Pach and yes I intentionally spelled it that way (not really) but hey, I’m a writer and I’m not allowed to spell things wrong. At all. Ever. But I do and I AM a writer. Send the police.

I’m responsible for The Descendants of Eden novel – Element, which I wrote, edited, formatted and published all myself. Why? Because no-one professional would take it on, and I wanted the story of The Descendants to be read by people I thought would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. That was the easy part. Writing is my hobby, as much as reading, and I do it because I enjoy it. The minute the enjoyment diminishes – which I hope will never happen – I will simply stop.

I’ve spent no money marketing my book. You heard me. Not one single penny. Why? Because I’m skint mostly and that it just feels wrong to me.  I’m not playing any game. I’m not in it for the initial sales rise excitement to have it all sucked away again relatively soon after. I don’t want to be consumed with sales figures. I’ve given away more than I’ve sold and I’m good with that. I want to focus on my writing, build a following of real book lovers and friendly authors through social media and get my stories into the hands of the people who will enjoy them the most, the people who will share them with their friends and fall in love with my protagonists as much as I have.

I hit the publish my ebook button on amazon on the 24th of January and as only very close family an friends actually know I’m a writer I had no way of letting people know The Descendants of Eden was out there for the world to enjoy.  So I set about creating social media accounts.

Facebook – having been my favourite personal social media site – was my first page set up as an author.  I joined numerous writing community pages and introduced myself, but what I found was that there was always someone with pent up aggression inside willing to shut you down.  Some writer thinking they were the bees knees and no-one else could compare. No-one else had the right to call themselves a writer. When I mentioned that I wrote and read young adult, mainly, fantasy romance I was instantly branded as unequal, uneducated or an idiot. I commented on question and answer posts and almost immediately there were argumentative replies seeking to diminish the overall feeling of accomplishment that I had over doing something that not everyone can do. It’s tremendously hard work to write a novel of any substantial length. It’s not just the writing part, it eats into your subconscious, taking over your dreams. Everywhere you go, every encounter you have, every experience, every mood swing. It all goes into your writing. It’s more time consuming than a full time job. I’ve wrote from morning until the dead of night and not realised time was passing me by as I was so consumed with my characters. I’ve cried and I’ve grieved and I’ve forgotten to fed my husband or clean my house on numerous occasions. Getting through all of that and having a readable story at the end of it is an achievement that no-one can take away from you. I will never let anyone make me feel otherwise again! It’s bullying. I hope they were proud of themselves as they sat, hiding behind their keyboards, probably in dirty dressing gowns and coffee stained pyjamas because they made me cry. Yep. Not a lot but it was enough for me to question whether it was worth it anymore.  For my sanity, I decided to remove myself from all writing communities with their stringent rules and bullying followers, and try Twitter.

OK what is it with me and twitter? I think I’m doing it wrong. I followed a few people and had a few people follow me in return. Within thirty minutes I’d already doubled my following on Facebook but no-one engages with me. Ever. Whenever I tweet I’m lucky if one person likes or retweets my posts and it certainly hasn’t done anything for my amazon sales. So I moved on. I opened an Instagram account.

I love Instagram! Instagram has been a wonderful experience for me. My following grows everyday and my book has ended up in the hands of some real YA fans who’re so willing and polite and enthusiastic about my book. I post almost daily and the interaction I get is addictive and really inspiring. I’ve been introduced to other authors who really embrace the fact that we’re NOT in competition with one another, there is room for ALL of our books in this world and no matter what genre, sub plot or category your writing falls under, we are all united.  Occasionally, I update Twitter and Facebook with special offers I have going on but Instagram is where it’s at for me 🙂

Anyway, I’m currently working on the second book in The Descendants of Eden series which I’m hoping will be ready by September and in the mean time I’m going to be launching a newsletter which will be published quarterly containing exciting things like short stories, sketches, elemental horoscopes and all things Descendants of Eden. So be sure to sign up here for that.

As always, thank you for your support.





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